Sunday, July 22, 2007

Twice In Two Months

After living in Texas for over seven years, I finally got to San Antonio. Not once, mind you, but twice over the course of about six weeks. The first was a one day business trip in early June. The second, our long awaited camping trip with good friends.

It would have been another camping cancellation, and as of Friday night/Saturday morning, it should have been.

We left for our trip at 6:45 am on Friday morning. The kids were great, the forecast was not. We hit such a storm in Austin, that we couldn't go more than 20MPH. Unfortunately for us, that storm was the edge of a monster system that reached all the way to San Antonio and further, all the way to Laredo. It rained most of Friday.

However, the incredible thunderstorms early Saturday morning were what really had me questioning our safety. It poured down, there was incredible lightening, thunder, the whole deal. I was afraid we were gonna get zapped or washed away. However, the camper really did AWESOME. No leaks and no real wet areas inside. It really held up well.

After everyone teasing me about the fact that I didn't sleep all night (by the way, the kids slept through the whole thing. It wasn't until I went to check on them at 6am that Cassie woke up and started crying that she was afraid. She came and slept with me, but she had no clue daddy was more frightened than her).

Saturday morning was wet and ominous, so we ditched our plans for Six Flags and went downtown instead. It stopped raining, and we enjoyed the River Walk, some Tex/Mex food, the Alamo, the Guinness Book for Word Records, Ripley's Haunted Adventure and Dave Crockett's Tall Tale Ride. We went back to the campsite and swam and had a great "breakfast for dinner". Sunday was dry and hot and the outside of the camper dried up so we could pack it up without threat of mildew. The ride home was mostly dry and we're home and camper is cleaned up and safely in the garage.

I learned two things this weekend: 1) We can camp in the rain, 2) I won't camp in thunderstorms if I can avoid it.


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