Monday, August 13, 2007

40 days to 40 years

In forty days, Angie turns 40. The incredible thing is that people often think she is much younger. In fact, we often have a good laugh because people think she is much younger than she is, and that I am much older than I am. I've blogged before that she has these natural good looks. I think she is just awesome and love her more today than I did when we were married. That being said, I don't believe she is having trouble with turning forty. If she is, she's hiding it well. We shall see.

To lighten the blow, I've decided to treat the next 40 days, until she turns 40, as each day being her birthday. You see, I have a history of not making a big enough deal about her birthdays or other holidays. I'm not going to make that mistake for her 40th.

The first day we spent in Manhattan and saw Xanadu on Broadway. (Un)fortunately, we had rented the cheesy movie a couple of nights ago, so we knew the story. The pleasant surprise is that the play was a spoof/homage and was very funny. We had a great time as we watched from our front row seats. Add a dirty water dog from a Sabrett guy in Times Square, and we were good to go.

We finished the evening at one of my favorite restaurants on Long Island, Gasho of Japan. It's a Japanese Hibachi style restaurant and the filet mignon and lobster tail was great. We'll spend the next couple of days on the East End of Long Island in Riverhead, the Hamptons, and Montauk - where ever Angie wants to go.

Should be easy to find opportunities to celebrate her birthday. It will get hard when we get home.

You know what? That's ok, she's worth it.


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