Monday, August 06, 2007

Rabbit Season

AMA's not gonna be happy reading this one...

Yesterday, while perusing Bass Pro, I found an excellent entry-level model on sale and, with matching funds to Angie, I bought it. My first rifle. All four-legged creatures in Texas are now shaking in their fur.

I purchased a Savage combo package (comes with scope and lock). It's a model 11fxp3, a .270 caliber bolt action. It's not wood, but has a synthetic stock and is very light. Both the manufacturer and the caliber were recommended to me by Angie's family of avid hunters, so I know I couldn't go wrong.

I'll limit myself to the range for this hunting season until we get down to Goliad in the spring like last year. I'll let the boys go for the turkey (we owe our 12-year old host for last year when he gave Dylan and I the shot). I will go for the wild hog with the new rifle.

Speaking of the range, Dylan and I went to the range yesterday and shot a full box of clays (135 per box). We shot and shot and hardly ever missed. Clearly, we are ready for dove season, which is a primer for duck season.

Or is it rabbit season?!?!


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