Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Had Forgotten

I had forgotten how beautiful the mountains were...I forgot how bumpy the approach to the airport was. I forgot how much I enjoyed Utah.

Yesterday, I landed in Salt Lake City to officially kick off training and our vendor relationship. Since February, I have been working on documenting our needs, evaluating and ultimately selecting a vendor, and now coordinating launch. Yesterday we kicked off training and today I had a full day of meetings with the vendor. Tonight I address the engineers.

Then - off to one of my favorite-"ist" restaurants at one of my favorite-"ist" places. The restaurant is the Foundry Grill and it is located at the top of Sundance, Robert Redford's personal mountain here in Utah.

The food is amazing, the views are awesome, even the drive through the valley and up the mountain is fun. I just love it, and I haven't been there in a while. After coming to Utah many times since 1998, I hadn't been here since - frankly, I don't remember how long it's been. A couple of years, I think.

Just add it to the list of things I had forgotten.



Kelly said...

I live in Utah and I forget how beautiful it is up at Sundance... I remember having a meal up there probably in '99 when you were there. Good food, definitely!

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Kelly. You and the entire Sento team were a huge part of why I enjoyed Utah so much. I reminisced with my new client about the times we had - the offsites at Sundance and Homestead, the Luau's, etc. In fact, much of what I learned with you guys is the basis of what I want to do with this program. Memories I will NEVER forget.

Kelly said...

That whole experience was definitely a large learning one for me and has helped drive my desire for more quality in software through testing. It's good!