Monday, December 03, 2007


Angie and I have made a monumental decision. We are downsizing this year.

No, we aren't selling the house. We've gotten a smaller Christmas tree instead. Many of you understand that this is a monumental decision for me - and one that I wasn't convinced was the right decision - until last night.

For all but the first Christmases in the house, we've had a beautiful 12 foot tree up in the front room. Because we have an open ceiling in that room, the big tree always looked so beautiful. The problem with the big tree is that it is soooo big. I was stored in TWO large Christmas tree boxes and came in 5 parts. The real problem, though, was that it took at least a week for Angie and I to put it up. With 6000 tips to straighten it just took FOREVER. And, because it was so big and unwieldy, it caused considerable stress and the associated conflict when it was time to get it going.

Unfortunately, when it was up - it was beautiful. It had over 2000 lights and it was a really stunning tree that everyone commented on and one in which I took immense pride.

That pride is all gone as I look at our seven and a half footer. The good news - Angie and I put it up in less than two hours. Also, we can decorate it without a ladder. Most importantly, we bonded as we put it up. Both of us remember all the fighting that the other tree caused, and when we didn't fight with this one, we were greatful for it. The bad news - it looks pathetic.

Cassie saw it this morning and she said it looked great. If the other kids feel the same way, I'll have to let go of my pride. Besides, we are giving out big one to the church. At least I'll be able to enjoy it there.


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