Monday, December 31, 2007

Where You Won't Find Me in 2008

I've finally had it. I've disliked going for some time now, but because Angie and the kids like to go I would take them on occasion. It was easier when it was for something I wanted to see, for sure. For the last couple of years I would go only to see a huge sci-fi epic, but even that draw won't be enough.

I'm talking about the movies. The only other place (other than a sporting event) where you have the privilege of paying $12.00 for a popcorn that cost 50 cents to produce. But, it's not about price at the movies. It never has been. It's about the people...

I no longer want to go to a theater that invariably has people that couldn't care less about anyone else in the place. Whether it's the couple that bring their baby - and that baby proceeds to cry during the movie. Or, perhaps its the teens that are there for every other reason than to watch the movie. Or the others that just want to have a conversation instead of enjoy the show. And, my biggest peeve, the people that cannot possibly miss a call or text and are using their cell phones the entire time. Those phones give off a lot of light and are very distracting.

The movie studios and the theater operators have been lamenting the state of their business for many years. The claim DVDs, production costs, and piracy as the problems they face. They are totally wrong. The problem is that the theater operators don't police their theaters and the entire experience suffers for it. When in-home entertainment rooms are the rage, why would anyone go to the movies to battle that crap? I know I no longer will.

Before you tell me that I sound like some cantankerous old man, even Angie said she was really distracted when we went to see "I Am Legend" last week. The teens next to us got up at least 10 times during the movie...sometimes returning to their seat so quickly that they could not have possible gone to the bathroom. There was a group of people having their own conversation the entire movie. And worst of all, the teen next to us kept checking her phone every five minutes. I don't know what she does for a living that she couldn't afford to miss something, but I know that I am on the clock 24x7, and I still managed to put my phone on vibrate and not check it the entire time.

I think I am going to take all of the money I save by not going to the movies and invest in a recliner for the living room. With the surround sound and the 54 inch TV, I don't think I'll ever miss the theater again.

Too bad microwave popcorn just doesn't taste as good as the theater stuff.



April said...

Very interesting blog, considering Sheldon and I went to a movie last night. I found some free passes that expired today, so we got in free and didn't even buy snacks. We enjoyed it (National Treasure); it wasn't very crowded at all. We hadn't been to anything but a dollar movie in a very long time.

I was first shocked by the regular adult ticket prices of $9. Last time I went, I think it was under $7.

My phone vibrated once during the movie, but it was my kid, so I had to answer. I was very quiet and quick, and I don't think it bothered anyone. I do agree that it's just not worth it to go to the theater anymore. We just have a regular size TV. On the big screen, I felt like the screen was so big, I couldn't take in all the action that was going on. It was too big of an area for my eyes to focus on, but we enjoyed it. The fact that it was free probably made it easier to enjoy, and getting out of the house together alone is always a treat.

Michele said...

Well I am not sure if I agree with your post today....I have been to more movies this past year than I have in the past 15 years. I go to the matinee show which is half price, I have a Rewards card which gets me candy for $1.00 and usually a free popcorn. The theatre is never crowded and even on days that school was out, or it was bad weather, the theatre was never crowded. I have seen alot of so called " kiddie movies", like Ratatouille, Shrek 3 etc...My experiences have been all good I have to say. I have to admit I am not going to the extremely large multiplex that is by the mall, I go to a small theatre that I think has 6 theaters in it and its off the beaten path, in Ronkonkoma. The theatre itself is clean and well kept. I will admit that on occasion someone hasnt taken their garbage with them and have left it on the floor for someone else to remove- but the staff cleans up before each show. Sorry to hear you have not had a good experience...Maybe "IF" you win our Biggest Loser Competition, I will throw in a movie with dinner!!