Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Mr. Higgins

Ok - so we don't always make the wisest decisions. Things are going along just fine, so what do we do? We upset the applecart. It looks like Tipsy has accepted Mr. Higgins enough for us to keep him (see "Picture of the Week" at right and Angie's blog). The kids are estatic, Angie is pleased, I'm not so much, and Tipsy seems a little pissed. You can't really blame her, but at the same time it's her fault.

Angie has really wanted a smaller dog that would play with the kids. We'll she's found one. Higgins has a really sweet personality and, at a year old, really loves to play. Tipsy has never played with the kids - she tolerates me and Angie, but you can tell, she isn't a lover of children.

Tipsy and Higgins sniffed and did the doggie greeting out on the porch. No issues. Tipsy is somewhat submissive and so is Higgins. It's been her house, but Higgins has her in the energy department. Tipsy has bared her teeth at Higgins a couple of times - she is defensive about her food and her kennel. She'll nip at Higgins before things are settled, I'm sure, but that just might be the end of the question as to who is in charge.

The truth be told, Higgins is VERY sweet and playful. He has a very nice personality. I'm just not too keen on walking a dog again (we let Tipsy out in our unfenced backyard, she always comes back). Higgins won't, so he needs a walk on a leash. Ultimately, as things get settled, I think he'll work out.

At least until the kids get bored and I get stuck with the responsibility.


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Michele said...

Congrats and Welcome to the newest member of the Lessard Family, Mr. Higgins Lessard. I think he is adorable. Cant wait to meet him. I also think Tipsy is terrific, at least when I stayed with you all. Now as for the responsibilities my dear brother, welllllll, think of it as a bit of exercise to help in the competition. Every bit counts. So put on your running shoes and take Mr. Higgins for a walk, better yet- take them both for a run!!! LOL