Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Too Piercing

Cassie and I returned late last night from our holiday in New York.

The big story? She got her ears pierced, as promised.

We started talking about it on her firth birthday. I told her then that when she was ready, I would take her. I wanted to be a part of the momentous occasion. In fact, it is the second time I've taken someone to get their ears pierced. My Aunt Carole reminded me this past week that we took her when she decided to get her ears done (she was tired of being referred to as 'sir', so she thought getting her ears pierced would help - not sure if it had the desired effect, but I told her she might want to stop lurking in men's rooms, too).

Cassie contemplated it for her sixth birthday back in January, but ultimately deciding not to do it. Out of nowhere, she said she wanted to do it on her last full day in NY. I wasn't sure she was going to go through with it, but on Friday morning she continued to say that she was ready.

AMA took Cassie and I to the Piercing Pagoda in Roosevelt Field Mall. Paul's girlfriend, Jackie met us at Cassie's request. We had the cameras going and mom on the cell phone, so we were very prepared. Cassie picked out a basic Cubic Zirconium stud for her starter earrings, and AMA purchased matching pink heart earrings for her, Cassie and Jackie. She'll be able to get them going in six weeks.

After meticulously measuring the ink dots, signing the release paperwork, and with dad giving the final OK, the two attendants put guns to ear and squeezed. It was over before it started and Cassie said no big deal when she stated, "it really didn't hurt." She's since revised her story and said that it hurt bad, but only for an instant.

She looks so grown up and I can't believe how pretty she looks in all of the pictures from our week in the big apple. I guess she's growing up...she starts first grade tomorrow AND she lost her second tooth today.

Tomorrow, she'll be fighting the boys off like her twelve year old sister. Sheesh.



Robin said...

That is so incredibly sweet! She's so beautiful Scott! Obviously she swam in Angies end of the gene pool (kidding!)! You're such a great dad, being a newbie to your blog (to the whole thing in general!) would love to see a pic of the whole your other two are stunning as well! I bet you turned greener than Cassie huh Dad!

Well, tell Cassie Robin said "you go girl!" I'm 40 and have no artificial holes in my body...I'm such a chicken! Yep, ears aren't pierced.

Confession here but do NOT broadcast because I dig being different, and not having pierced ears at my age is "different". BUT! I did get them pierced when I was about Cassie's hugely infected and the consensus was at the time, my earlobes were too "fat" to get enough air, ergo, no artificial holes! Here I was (and kinda am), a string bean, no butt, no boobs, 100 lbs soaking wet so not feminine at all...and my earlobes were too fat too be a "chic".

Alas, now I dig it (clip on earrings on special occasions!) and I tell people I don't have pierced ears...but now you when I publish and become rich and famous...if People mag runs an interview with you and you rat me out...well, I'll laugh my butt off! (and call you a liar!) They grew back so I'm not a huge liar!

Scott Lessard said...

You're kind, Robin. Much too kind. Just shows that I'm only presenting the positive side of my life on my blog.

That being said, you were right about our swimming habits. Since I can't take credit for Justin, Dylan and Marissa from a genetic standpoint, and they are all really great looking kids, it must all be due to Angie.

And, I think Angie is really smoking hot, too. :)

I'll post a reasonably recent pic of all of us when I can find one.