Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Eating - Redneck Style

Tonight I finally dug into my halibut. I had about 41 pounds in the freezer, and now its down to 39. I fried up two packets in peanut oil and Zatarain's Southern Style Fish Fry.

I then proceeded to eat and eat. I gorged on the beautiful white meat, and I am stuffed. No side dishes, no bread, no salad - not even french fries. Just golden brown perfectly deep fried chunks of Alaskan halibut. I did sprinkle malt vinegar on it and it was perfect. Just three minutes in the fryer is all you need.

Angie, Dylan and even Marissa loved it. Cassie didn't really give it a chance although I did make her try it. I wouldn't care if they all hated it - that would just mean more for me.

Dylan and I are already thinking about more ways to make it. He suggested a ceviche and I thought he was right on - that would be outstanding (Michele - get a recipe for that and I'll get the guacamole and the tortilla chips). We thought grilled (lemon-pepper style) would be somewhat boring, but still yummy. Blackened is another way we'll try it to.

I can't wait to get that deer so we go have some Redneck surf and turf.


A Question: Is the halibut so delicious because I caught it, cleaned it, and cooked it? I know the dove breasts, catfish, and the turkey I've harvested were...there may be something to having caught it yourself. Maybe its more fresh that way. What do you think?


ChefMichele said...

Dylan has good taste!! Ceviche recipe in the book, and a couple others I think would be more interesting than the lemon-pepper. Simple, easy and tasty!! You definitely want the fresh Halibut flavor highlighted. Dont buy the Guacamole, we will make it fresh. When I get there- we can discuss the menu and we can go food shopping. Start thinking about a few things you, Angie and the kids would like to eat. I plan on cooking a FEW nites for ya'all!!

Travis Erwin said...

I love Zatarains, but I add crushed Ritz crackers to mine.

Scott Lessard said...

Ritz crackers in the batter sounds good.

Michele - let's add that to the recipe list - since I definitely want to fry up some more. We have shrimp to add, and I think I'll buy come clams, too.