Monday, September 01, 2008

Connection to the Great Outdoors

I've just come in from relaxing on the patio with a cigar in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other. As I sat out there enjoying the cool breeze, compliments of tropical storm Gustav, I contemplated the goings on of this weekend.

On Sunday, Angie and I packed up the camper, the kids, and the dogs (all in two vehicles) and drove 90 minutes north to Bonham State Park. The holiday happened to coincide with the beginning of Dove season here in Texas and up north is where we usually end up.

However, this year is somewhat different for me. I've gone in halves with Angie's cousin on a hunting lease near Honey Grove, about 25 minutes east of Bonham. The beautiful 206 acres we have access to for the next four months provides us opportunities to hunt dove, duck, deer and hogs. Additionally, we have access to a nice sized pond for fishing. Although there are no electricity or water hookups on the land for the camper, the price was right, and it is close enough to get to for a day of hunting.

So, on Sunday, we swam, ate, made 'smores and generally hung out as a family enjoying the state park. Bonham SP is small and has a great swimming area, so we always enjoy going up there.

On Monday, Dylan and I left the girls nice and early, met Angie's cousin and his son and went to the lease. We drove around the property so I could get a look around. It is really pretty with some wooded areas, some open fields and pastures, and the large pond. We saw a deer while driving, so we think our chances for deer when the season starts are good. We also saw plenty of hog sign, so we should do ok there, too.

It was very hot, and we didn't see any dove flying, so we fished. I immediately caught a large perch, so I knew it was on. We got bored of watching Angie's cousin catch all the fish, so we decided to load our guns and go walk about.

We walked for a while, overheated (and got bored), and decided to fish some more. I caught two small black bass (my first two ever) and was real pleased.

In fact, we never really got a good shot at any dove, but we had a great time on the property. I probably won't get a chance to get up there this coming weekend, but we are already planning to bring the camper up for several days of primitive camping and hunting on the property.

Hopefully, I'll have dove in the freezer soon. If not, I know we'll have a great time on the lease. We have the deer feeders all ready to go.



Travis Erwin said...

I'm heading out Dove hunting Friday.

Robin said...

Wow, sounds like fun! We worked! (as usual, it's silage harvest season after all!) Love the Bonhan area and I got a good line on some hogs outside of Austin if you're interested!

And hey! Pheasant season is coming up...would love to have y'all come visit and hunt! (well, you guys hunt, you're wife, girls and I will hang out and talk shit on our "men"! Ya know, the big strongs with guns bigger than their prey...tee hee!) Hell, we could even get Travis to come down, he's just a jot down the road!

Gotta party goin' on! We love company and usually feed them well! Got a guest house (almost!) and everything..woo hoo!