Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'41 Is a Very Good Year

My baby is forty one. I'm not talking about an antique car or a family heirloom. I'm talking about my better half.

Angie turned 41 years old this Sunday and she is every bit a fine wine, getting better with age.

It is amazing to see someone just blossom more and more as time goes by. When we met more than nine years ago, we were both very different people. I don't think she'd mind me saying that we were both very broken people that came together in their brokenness.

The good Lord has seen to it, in His infinite wisdom, to allow us to grow, heal wounds, and to become tremendous complements to each other. She is relational and intuitive about other people. I am not. I am more disciplined and organized. She isn't. I may be more intellectual, but she is more emotional. In every way we are different - save one.

Our love. Our love for each other, for our children, and for our God. We may be very different people, but in these three areas, we are the same.

Especially, because she keeps getting better with age.

I just keep getting bigger.

Happy Birthday, baby...



Travis Erwin said...

Wish her happy birthday from no man's land. I mean the panhandle.

Robin said...

Ditto what Travis said (see? If you come a huntin' you got Travis AND a kegirator!)

That was amazing and God Bless You! It's nice to see guys appreciate the "over 40" group because I wholeheartedly agree!

Your wife is stunning and apparently, has brought you much joy (and put up with you!). She commented on my blog when I was going through such a tough time and I think she's amazing..why doesn't she have her own? Ask her...I'll back you up!

As much as I admire Angie...I must say, it is so heartening to hear you extol her virtues and still be so crazy about her nine years later. An inspiration Scott! Happy Birthday Angie...I'll be 41 in May, we MUST have a cocktail!

ChefMichele said...

Great pic of all of you together. I want a copy, or email it to me....Ditto what Robin is heartening to hear you talk about your wife and family. I for one adore Angie, I am also extremely proud of my baby brother!!

Angie Lessard said...

Awww - you guys are all too sweet!!! You really know how to make an old lady feel good!

Seriously, I don't feel a day over 39. Except for the backaches, my knees giving out while walking down the stairs, my hearing and eyesight getting are bad (hence the bifocals, next year, I'll have a hearing aid), and the occassional slippage of gas when bending over. Other than that, I feel great!!!!

Robin - I do have my own blog. Click on my name and you can check it out. But not nearly as entertaining as Scott's. Mine is more for record keeping about my kids...I can't seem to remember much these days in my old age!