Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Shall Never Forget II

I just read my post of September 11, 2007 and I feel the same way today as I did on that day.

I didn’t notice any big news coverage or replays. I did see some small memorial stuff going on, but no big events. I read on that baseball is having special events at each of the games that are being played today, and that’s great, but aren’t we missing something?

We cannot forget the fact that there are people in this world that hate this country. I’m not saying we need to make enemies of everyone that is not American, and clearly, the current administration has not been what we had hoped, but to forget that every day there may be another attack on us is to become vulnerable.

Additionally, I really miss the outward patriotism that we had after the attacks. Hell, it was even cool to live in Texas and to be a New Yorker for a while. I wasn’t sneered at for a couple of months after Sept 11. (Only kidding about that – I am never sneered at, but we all remember that for a short time after September 11, we were ALL New Yorkers, regardless of where we actually resided or came from).

I think that we should make September 11 a national holiday. For at least one day every year, we would all remember that day and we would celebrate it – not for the fact that we were attacked or that terror had finally reached our shores, but because it brought the citizens of this country closer and because for just a short time, we were all the Americans to each other that we should be every day.

We shall must never forget!



ChefMichele said...

Amen Brother!! Not only did I read your blog from 9-11-07 but I also read my comment to your blog. Same comment applies today as well. We MUST never forget. Its almost sad that a horrific action has to occur for OUR patriotism, kindness and caring to come out. Maybe we need to remember each day could have been a 9-11.

Robin said...

I remember what I was wearing and exactly where I was when my girlfriend ran in and said "The just bombed the Twin Towers!" Which wasn't accurate, but close enough. I didn't believe her, it took a lot of CNN to permeate the haze of disbelief I had.

And yes, we got some brotherhood and nationalism out of the deal, a necessary thing...and we all swore we would never forget the thousands of, flags flew at half mast in my little town and I see the nation torn over political candidates and the main issues being "abortion" and "taxes"...Hello? Can anyone say NINE ONE ONE!

Great post Scott, I'm not gonna get all polly (I say my blog is a reprieve! Check it out btw...figured out photo's...I may wind up being a 20th century gal after all!)

This is our generations call to, critically think....change shit.

Robin said...

NOT harping on the polital "CHANGE" slogan...that's just more of the same...