Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blackened Blue

We whipped out some more halibut. That fish is so awesome, I'm gonna be sad when it's gone. Especially since it is currently going for $22/lb in the stores here.

Angie and I had plans for two couples friends to come over. We all have girls that are friends and play well together, so it was our intent to replicate our weekend in New Orleans by Cajun spicing some fish, making some hurricanes (using the mix we brought home) and just having a good time with friends.

I had three large filets defrosted, so when one couple cancelled at the last minute, that meant we could fry it up as an appetizer. I think that's my favorite way to eat it, fried with some malt vinegar. It is awesome.

The other filets were rubbed in butter and Cajun seasoning while the cast iron skillet got hot to 500 degrees on the grill. With another quarter stick of butter to coat the skillet, I dropped in the filet. About five minutes on each side, and voila - perfected blackened halibut. The filets are so big, each couple split it, and we still had fish left over.

Angie made jalapeno corn bread and our guests brought new potatoes and an awesome salad. A great meal with good friends.

And, when the one bottle of rum wasn't enough, we started mixing the hurricane mix with vodka. It's good that way too.



Travis Erwin said...

And you dare to question the intelligence of us Panhandlers! We'd never run out of rum.

ChefMichele said...

OK - first off I like Travis....good man- 1- he likes BEEF 2- never runs out of RUM. Second, I hope Angie makes me some jalepeno corn bread....or something regional that she makes awesome. Hinthint...LOL. Third, I hope we get to sit out on the pation and drink something till we run out. Those are my requests....hope I am not sounding too demanding. See ya Tuesday xox