Monday, September 15, 2008

Separated at Birth...

...Michael Phelps and Baby New Year.

I watched Michael host the season premier of Saturday Night Live. I am sorry to admit, I watch the show regularly. I fell in love with SNL when it was great (with Chevy, Ackroyd and Belushi) and have watched it since. It might be a New York thing, or maybe I'm just waiting for the skit that makes you laugh so hard you still talk about it years later.

I remember my nephew and I watching Chris Farley swan dive onto the coffee table while he was extolling the benefits of "living in a van, down by the river." We laughed so hard, I really thought I hernia'ed something.

I remember laughing as hard for the Sofa King of New York skit..."it's not huge, it's Sofa King huge!!!!" My cousins and I were just talking about that one recently.

And, who can forget "Pete Schwetty's Christmas Balls"? "Ohhh, I love your salty, Schwetty balls in my mouth."

Classic humor. Yes, I understand that you can watch a whole 90 minutes and not laugh once. Or, you can see an skit and wonder how bad the crap that didn't make the show must have been. But once in a while, you get gold.

And that's enough to keep me coming back.



Travis Erwin said...

I watched fro a while the other night but gave up after that goofy swim team dance number skit.

ChefMichele said...

Those were the days....Belushi,Akroyd,Chase,Radner....Couldnt get better than Samurai anything, or Rosanna Rosannadanna or Weekend update with Jane Curtain ( the Ignorant Slut ). I have to admit, I dont usually watch it on a regular basis anymore...but when I do I somehow get the really good shows. I do however watch reruns on The Comedy channel and catch some funny ones with new cast members. Hail to the originals and keep up the new funnies.