Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Meals

Forget “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” My question to you is, “How much would you pay for a piece of beef?”

Would you pay $100? Would you pay $250?? Would you pay $365???

If you go to Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino, CA you might. Yes, you can get a 10 oz. filet of good ‘ole American Angus for $46, but you can also get “true Japanese Imported Kobe beef of the A5 grade” for an amazing $365 a plate.

I am in California this week working out our headquarters and on Monday night, we (my client, my bosses’ boss, and a couple of other guests) went to the unbelievable Alexander’s for dinner. I got the Angus filet (the desire to keep my job was stronger than my desire to experience $365 beef) and had an excellent meal. If you’ve ever had that steak, please let me live vicariously through you and tell me how it was.

The next evening, the client and I went to get Sushi. As I walked into “Sushi Express”, I felt as though I had just walked into the fast food of raw fish. However, the client had eaten there before and I have come to trust her recommendations for all things sushi. We had a couple of rolls, hot sake, and a Sapporo. For the same price as my filet, we had another excellent meal.

It just goes to show – it doesn’t matter where you are as much as whom you are with.

I can’t wait to go home and have dinner with my family. That’s the best of both “the where” and “the who”.



Travis Erwin said...

I'm a true Texan and therefor would never pay out the nose for Japanese beef. Especially when I don't believe it can be any better than some of the stuff I've had.

And yeah a few of us up in Amarillo read but most of the books just have pictures.

Robin said...

got a glimpse of Phelps and Baby New Year...knew that looked familiar! Gotta check that out!

Price of beef is nuts. Hmmm, pecan growers might have an issue with me! I will NEVER order a steak in any dining establishment again. I have my SE who can turn a poor cut of meat into a culinary deligh...much cheaper. Plus, I live in the "beef capital" of the world, so to speak, it behooves me to pay more than a load of feed costs for one cow for a fraction of one!

However, if it's chow I can't grow, kill, or grill myself...I'm all up for spending some dough to check it out!

But I agree, the best ambience is your everyday plates, friends and family around you, citronella instead of fancy candles, and beer instead of uppity wine.

Not that that is not nice once in a blue moon! Hope your home!

And; Always have to laugh at Travis!

ChefMichele said...

Kudos to you bro, keeping your job over ordering the Kobe beef. LOL. I was fortunate to have had Kobe beef and even more fortunate to have it comped by our vendor. It was a small filet and delicious. My boss and I shared the small delectable peice of it. Dinner in a great restaurant with people you enjoy spending time with is one of my favorite things to do. Of course being a Chef I love eating out, but cooking for people I love is even better for me. I love seeing people enjoy the food I prepare for them. The best part of being a Chef. I hope youre thinking about what you want me to cook when I get down there You only have a week and a half to decide. LOL Cant wait to see ya'all....only 12 days left!!