Monday, September 08, 2008

Blog Bytes

Not a great deal of major things to blog about lately...therefore I though some quick updates would be in order.

1) School for all is rolling. My classes are already humming along. Angie is working on a paper and currently enjoying the experience. Justin continues to improve and is now up to three classes a semester. Dylan, Marissa and Cassie are enjoying their schools, as well.

2) Activities are getting busy, too. Dylan is in two baseball leagues. One little league and one for school. He's got doubleheaders every Saturday and practice almost every day. His elbow is sore from throwing too much. Marissa practices volleyball before school everyday. Her first game in Thursday and I don't know how I am going to ever see her play. I have school on Thursdays. Cassie is cheering and she had her first game on Saturday. The team lost, but those little first graders looked so cute.

3) Girl Scouts started on Sunday. Since I lead the troop, that one effects me too. We are in year two of Daisies. The girls are so cute and so fun that it almost doesn't seem like work. This year's plan - finish our Daisy petals and get ready for brownies. Oh, by the way, we will be selling cookies this year, so let me know what you want.

4) Angie and I had a date night this weekend. We tried a really great restaurant in downtown Rockwall called Zanata's. I pass it whenever I go to the public dove hunting land in Royse City and have wanted to try it since I started public hunting last year. Everytime I pass it, the windows are open to the sidewalk and the place is jamming. We went, had some cocktails and some pizza. It was great a great time.

5) I haven't been back to the lease, as of yet. I'm trying to work that out, but our weekends are so packed, I don't know how I'm gonna get it to happen. I bought a new fishing pole and a slew of new lures, so I can't wait to get out there. Also, I really want to spend a day or two hunting for dove. There's a wheat field on the land, so I'm hoping the dove are flying. I'm still doveless so far. Dylan has one that he got with his dad on Saturday.

6) I've been home for what feels like forever. I haven't travelled for weeks and it has been great. That ends next week, as I am in California for four days.


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Travis Erwin said...

I bagged 7 dove the other evening and my partner got 4. Also did a little prairie dog eradication.