Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Shall Never Forget

I fear that in some way these are empty words. For some reason I am compelled to blog today as I have an overriding fear that as the anniversary of 9/11 passes, we'll go back to our routines and wait until next September to remember how we felt six years ago today.

I'm watching MSNBC as I type this. They are rebroadcasting their coverage from that terrible morning - unedited and without commentary. I can't believe the flood of emotions that take over as I watch it. Like other memorable moments in history that occur during our lives, I can remember that morning vividly. Many older people can tell you where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot or when we landed on the moon. I remember the entire morning of September 11 like that.

I also remember the patriotism, brotherhood and charity that all Americans had following the attacks. I remember seeing American flags all over. I remember fund raisers for the families of fallen fire and police personnel. I remember speeches that were uplifting. I remember a prevailing sense of pride in being an American, and more specifically, of being from New York.

I remember these feelings so well that I miss them. Those feelings are gone, but for once a year and that is sad. We are still under attack - it is only a matter of time that some wacko that hates what we stand for will be successful in attacking us.

Perhaps we should remember how that feels BEFORE it happens because if there was any good that came from 9/11 it was the brotherhood that we all felt and acted upon.



Michele said...

Well put bro.....I too am sitting here watching MSNBC and reliving that day. I was in NYC when it happened and cannot express the emotions I had that day. The fear, the concern, the NOT knowing...and the Anger!! Most of all, you said it well....the memories of kindness, compassion, and patriotism that overtook NY and our country ( and the rest of the world )at that time, was amazing. Where is it now? Is it possible that our frustrations and short memories have made us move on with daily life forgetting this CAN happen again? For as many things wrong with our country I cant say I would want to live anywhere else in the world. I love NY and I love this country and thank you for reminding us all to "NEVER FORGET'.

paullessard said...

i will destroy you...

actually this sparks a lot of thought in me but having remembered certain other conversation regarding similar topic i figured i'd keep it fairly simple with the former line...

and then explain it rather briefly with the latter...

demand the truth.