Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Work It Out

Angie and I worked out today and we are both feeling very positive. We've been supporting each other and motivating each other as we eat properly and get some exercise. We already have another date for tomorrow morning after we drop off Cassie at school.

It's a lot better doing this together than trying to go it alone. Even though she goes to the treadmill and I go to the elliptical - we may not say another word to each other as we work out - but I can look at her, and tell her with my eyes that she looks good all sweaty :)

It's been only a couple of days, but I did succumb to the temptation of getting on the scale. I had lost 2 pounds since Monday and that was very motivating. Add to that the workouts that the trainers put their teams through on "The Biggest Loser" and I was ready to kick butt today. I worked out for 40 minutes and burned 550 cals. I did legs and shoulders while Angie finished her hour on the treadmill.

The most important thing is that we are getting healthy. I'm sure as I work through the message series from church this fitness journey will become a spiritual journey. It has to, as this is the only way I'll be successful.



bob said...

Keep it up Scotty! Proud of you and praying for you bro.


Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Bob. Sometime soon you are going to have to sharpen those elbows and stop ducking me on the court.

All kidding aside, you may not know it but you are a roll model. Seeing you on stage every week you can really tell a difference and how fit you've become.