Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3:10 To M.I. Station

I had my annual physical today, and the news is not good. It's not a surprise, either, but several key numbers are up. And it is time to take care of them. Either that, or I'm on an express train to a heart attack.

One number is cholesterol. Although I don't have the results back from this exam, my cholesterol has been creeping up for several years. 178 to 209 and who knows now. I won't be surprised if it comes back near 240, or so.

Another number is my blood pressure. I have always had good numbers here, except for the last two times it has been taken. 136 /98 today. Combine that with a 146 / 93 from my last check-up and my doctor is concerned.

The last number is probably the most important, as it is very likely the one responsible for my others...it's my weight. I've blogged about my weight before and it is up, way up. In fact, I've gained 30 pounds from March alone, and at over 310 pounds it is time to do something about it.

I think I've been given enough warning...swollen legs, back pain, and a digestive system that is out of control. Clearly, the warning signs are there and if I don't change I'll be dead. Angie has joked about the way I eat (either how much, or how fast) and she has seen it. My heart is working overtime.

That being said, the doctor has given me a clean bill of health to start working out. He is a big supporter of working out and no so much of dieting. He rather seem me eat more fiber and more protein and less carbs and fat and work out. If I do this, he says I'm gonna be ok, and I believe him.

So - I am gonna track my weight and my working out on my blog - I think I might even post a couple of "before" pics, as well. If you don't see an update - ask me. It will help keep me motivated.



Kelly said...

You can do it! Hunting season should help a little bit. I know it helps my dad each September. It takes time, but you'll get better. My cholesterol was up to 238 and I was only about 15 lbs too heavy. 6 months of working out 3 times 30 mins a day helped me drop 10 pounds and cholesterol to 198. Sounds like your genetics aren't too much against you for cholesterol... Do whatever it takes!

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Kelly. I appreciate the motivation and support. I have no choice - like the smoking. It had to be done. Today is 4 months without a cigarette. :)

Michele said...

Well, First of all, congrats on the 4 months no smoking thing...that is awesome. I am sure your doctor is very pleased with that. As for the diet thing, well I just started my diet. I am going to Punta Cana in November and would love to lose 20-25 lbs for that. Unfortunately I have 2 strikes against me. One being a Lessard means I LOVE food. Two, I am a Chef, how do you diet while working with food all day long? I am going to make smart choices ( I hope ), eat my 3 meals a day ( which I never do because I pick pick pick ), and maybe I will try walking for some exercise. Either way, I know we both can do it. You have alot of people here to help support you and assist you in any way possible. Cooking light is easy for me, just the better choices I will have to work on. WE CAN DO IT!!! always remember.....besides yourself you have a lot of other people to do this for. We want you around a long long long time...Love ya- M

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Michele. Unfortunately, I think that my eating issue is more than just a love of food. Clearly there is an issue there that I've been unable to resolve.

I'm going to go through the a series that our sr. pastor did at church. He lost over 100 pounds and spoke about it in a message series after he celebrated a year of keeping it off.

The series is called, "All The Losers Win" and it is from 2005 on the following page: http://www.springcreekchurch.org/messagearchives.html


Michele said...

Thank you for that link, I will check it out my next day off!! Good luck to you!

Sheldon said...

You know what Jesus says, "This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting." Especially the fasting. All joking aside April & I will keep you in our prayers. April got me hooked up on blogging and it's neat to be able to keep up with my Sringcreek family. P.S. I love the back to school pictures.

Scott Lessard said...

Prayers appreciated, Sheldon. And welcome to the world of blogging.