Monday, September 03, 2007

Christmas For Rednecks

That's what Dylan called it. The excitement of opening day for hunting in Texas caused me to wake up on my own before the alarm went off. Dylan uttered this phrase up as we drove to our dove hunting location in Royce City, TX. Aptly named, as the only fools up at 4:45AM were hunters and party animals.

This weekend has been spent out in the fields, on some private land (with Dylan, Marissa, me, their dad and their grandfather - good fun), and on public dove hunting lands (available to anyone willing to shell out for a $48 annual public hunting license).

We went out Saturday morning, and again Saturday afternoon. We went out Sunday afternoon, and again Monday morning. We'll likely finish up our disappointing opening weekend with one more afternoon hunt. Dylan and I have not bagged a single bird, so we are definitely looking to break the schneid.

Either way, it's been fun. I've seen sunrises, sunsets, and nature and have spent some quality time with two of my step-children. Can't ask for more than that.


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