Monday, September 17, 2007

296...I Wish I was Bowling

I'm actually very pleased with my 296. That's what I weighed in at this morning, and it means I basically lost a pound a day for the last week. Considering I've stayed on plan and worked out real hard this week, it is about where I expected. I hope I can keep it going. I haven't felt hungry or denied this last week, and I've enjoyed working out. I'm already seeing differences in my ability to walk longer distances. Angie and I went again this morning, so this week is off to a good start, as well.

I've decided to post my progress on my blog each Monday. I will post my weight and BMI, as well as my nutrition and exercise results from the week previous. Knowing that I'm going to share this will hopefully keep me motivated.

One additional update: I received my results from my lab work and my cholesterol is fine. In fact, I came it at 174. I wish that was more my weight...



April said...

You're motivating me to get more consistent with my workouts. I am a blog-stalker, and I check people's blogs daily to see updates. When I work out regularly, I make better food choices, I drink more water, I move more the rest of the day, etc. It has multiplied benefits for me. I will not post my weight, however. You're brave.

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks for stalking, April. I will make sure I reciprocate for your's and Sheldon's.

And - I'm not brave. I know that unless I have some accountability (using my blog audience for that) I can too easily get lazy and I feel too good right now to let that happen.

I'm glad I'm helping you, as well.