Thursday, August 21, 2008

New York Minutes

I am a man with two homes. There are two places on this earth where I am "at home". One is in Texas. It is where my home, my family and my future reside (at least my near future).

The other is where I am from - New York. Fortunately, because of the fact that I telecommute, I am able to spend a week "working" from AMA's house in NY, while she and Cassie get to play. Although I have gotten a ton of needed work done (all I need is my laptop, my mobile phone, and a broadband Internet connection), I have also had a great deal of fun.

On Sunday, AMA had a monster Hawaiian-themed cookout, making my favorite of hers - sweet and sour chicken. There were about thirty people at the house, including some old family friends that I hadn't seen since I moved to Texas over eight years ago. My aunt (AMA) knows how important that is to me. On one such visit, she surprised me by arranging family from Canada to be here. I cried.

I worked on Monday.

On Tuesday, I took the day off and several of us went to visit my sister who is living and working for the summer on Fire Island. We took the ferry over, sat on the beach, ate at the restaurant where she works (and got taken care of by the exec. chef), and generally had a great time. The scenery was pleasant and the weather outstanding.

On Wednesday, I worked, while the girls went into Manhattan. They spent the day at the American Girl Store buying a doll, accessories, having dinner, and taking in a show. However, the real show didn't start until I met them on Broadway, for "The Little Mermaid". I know it is a kids show, but it was OUTSTANDING. The singing, dancing, and production were just really amazing. I hate to admit it, but I had a wonderful time. Some of that wonder was just watching Cassie enjoy it.

I don't know what they are doing today, but I am working. I will try and go see my Mets play one last time this year, and say my goodbyes to Shea Stadium. It gets razed after this season and replaced by Citi Field right next door.

Tomorrow, I am also working, but will take an extended lunch to go get Cassie's ears pierced and to help AMA pick out a nice laptop so I can set her up before I go.

Who says you can't go home again - I go every summer, and I couldn't imagine not doing it. I want my family to know New York like I do.



Travis Erwin said...

Never been to New York but I am definitely going someday.

Angie said...

Your family back here in Texas sure do miss you and the Cass! We look forward to you coming home Saturday night.


Robin said...

I don't watch much TV, especailly Reality TV...but wouldn't it be cool to do your family as "Going Coastal!"? Where you tried to combine the culture of Manhattan with the social mores of the South! Funny moments!

I think it's awesome that your daughter gets that kind of exposure to different things. Keep it up!

Cool, although I didn't think anyone went to NY in August...stopping by the Hamptons?
Did you find anyone to pub Travis' book? Are you doing anything good?! LOL!