Monday, August 25, 2008

School Zones

The kids started school today and there was no drama of which to speak.

Dylan started High School today. If mom is suffering from this fact, she isn't showing it. I think that once Justin graduated a couple of years ago, she came to grips with her kids getting older. He had a good experience on his first day - leaving so early this morning for the bus that I never saw him. He couldn't stop talking about the Chipotle line at lunch and the senior girls, very many of which were "hot".

Marissa returned to junior high school. She really came into her own last year, and we look for her to continue. She was very nervous this morning when we met a couple of her friends at Starbucks. I don't think that the Vanilla Bean Frappaccino she order settled her stomach, but going to school with some girlfriends probably did. By the time we dropped them off at school, she seemed fine - and informs us she had a good day.

Cassie entered first grade today and has instantly fallen in love with her teacher. Angie met her this morning, and although she seems very young, she's got a couple of years under her belt. Cassie made a song up with lyrics that explain how nice her teacher is and how much she loves her. I hope that lasts through the year.

Angie and I start our classes tomorrow. She is taking English Comp and Art History. I am taking Business Communications and Strategic Management. I'm really excited for her, but not so much for me. I only have eight classes left and I am seriously getting burned out.

As much as I couldn't wait for the summer to be over, I can't wait for school to be done.



Robin said...

Ah, fall is here! Crazy isn't it? School started here today as well (nostalgia...CJ should be in the durn thang..but I've reports he's doing well in KS...just "moody"?!) Before you know it we'll be putting on jackets and smelling air with a tinge of iciness to it...and I'll be makin' some chili! Which, like Angie, is smokin' hot! Wow.

With the difference in ages of your kids I bet little sister Cassie is a miniature adult and loved rotten! My niece has an older brother who graduated last year and her middle brother is a freshman in high school. She's in second grade, sounds 15 and is rotten to the core...I adore her! She was raised by adults and her speech and thinking patterns reflect it...hate to say it but it's one of the things I dig about her. Never went in for cutesy baby talk past two! BUt I had Morgan using "facetious" correctly when she was 4! Her being facetious was not near as cute when she was 16!

Keep it up and I hope you all have a great school year~! I miss school! I should go back to nursing school to support our silage habit...alas, our silage habit pays the bills and keeps me busy busy...esp. this time of year!

Packsaddle said...

Wait a minute...

The boy has to leave at the crack of dawn to catch a rusty ol' school bus lacking in modern technological advancements (such as air conditoning, shocks, etc.), meanwhile the girl sleeps in because she gets a ride to school from Daddy in his plush, climate-controlled vehicle, complete with shocks and XM radio, all of this PLUS a Vanilla Bean Frappaccino?

Man, that just ain't right.