Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Bastion Falls

Ok - so perhaps my scatological tendencies leading to my last post weren't the "last bastion", but we are getting pretty darned close.

Another has gone the way of the Dodo.

I have a good bud who started bashing MS Windows a while back and finally made the switch to an Apple not too long ago. I don't understand that decision, but I don't want to come across as some kind of Microsoft apologist. I'm not. I just know that I like options when it comes to software, particularly in the first person shooter genre, and Apple isn't really a choice.

That being said, I don't have any particular loyalty to Microsoft. I have used Apples at school and I don't like them. I like to right-click with my mouse. I like to open up the chassis on my computer and rip, or upgrade, the guts. I like understanding how to use what is in front of me and that has meant WinTel to this point. NO! I DID NOT GET RID OF MY BELOVED DELL FOR SOME TRENDY APPLE.

I do, however, LOVE my iPod. I am probably one of the few iPod owners that has no music on his/her device. I have podcasts, movies, videos, games, sermons, etc., but no music. I started with a Nano several years ago, but wanted video, so I bought Justin's 80GB iPod in May. However, I've been getting tired of carrying my Palm Treo and my iPod, so when my company said they were dropping support for GoodLink in April 2009 I knew what I needed to do IMMEDIATELY - upgrade to a 16GB 3G iPhone. I had my excuse, why wait?

I received my phone today, and holy crap, the thing is AWESOME. Full Internet using the wireless network at home and the 3G AT&T network on the road. My iPod, but with a bigger screen. Video from the web.. you name it. I've yet to set up my e-mail, but I am already so digging this thing.

In fact, I think so highly of this device, and the company behind it, I will no longer bash their computers. Hell, with the market the way it is, it might be time to buy some Apple stock at a discount.

I'm just not ready to make the jump to a Mac, yet.



bobick said...

Wow! I could say something about this being the first step toward your're right about the software issue but there are workarounds of you need them.

Glad to see you're enjoying your new device.

your good bud....or so I'm told.

Robin said... lost me. Competely.

I have a Razr phone...hate it.
dish Network, love TIVO.
No DVD player, thinking about it tho.
I have a PC...use's working?

Beyond that?! Dunno!

I know I should catch up...but you adding stuff and diggin all of this might be akin to me adding a bit of mustard seed to my summer sausage recipe, a bit more soy to the jerky recipe, and some lavender to the bath/library!

Have fun gadget man!? As long as you don't rig a trigger to the headphones...we're okay!