Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Bastion - Lost

I turned the page, reviled by my curiosity... I scanned the Domestications catalogue, my eyes darting between bedding and drapery, I realized that the last sanctuary I held had been invaded, taken over, ruined forever.

You see, many men consider their bathroom their castle. I know I do. In fact, the coolest thing about my bathroom is that is has a magazine rack. Mine is full with:

* the Bass Pro Hunting Master Catalogue, over 600 pages of everything hunting. It is the redneck bible.

* the Holy Bible. Yes, I keep a bible in my bathroom. Some of the best alone time (sometimes the only alone time) I get is in there. There's a lock on the door, and you have to go through another locked door (my bedroom door), just to get to that.

* The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife 2008-2009 Annual, which has all the rules, regulations, limits and season dates for hunting and fishing in Texas.

* Yahtzee and "Deal or No Deal" handheld electronic games. Sometimes, I don't want to read.

* Assorted, more temporary, reading materials.

Now that Domestications is in there, what's next? Oprah's magazine, O? Potpourri on the tank? Some weird plug in Raspberry flavored air freshener? The Victoria's Secret catalogue?

Actually, the Victoria's Secret catalogue would be ok.



ChefMichele said...

Unless you have a separate WOMANS room for your wife, you may just have to deal with Domestications catalogue. The fact that you leafed thru it, well what does that say? Separate magazine racks in order maybe? And I am very disappointed to hear no MAD magazines. Werent they yours when we were kids?

Robin said...

I kind of agree with your sis! We we rehabbed this house and as of now, there is no "master bath". A bath in the hallway and another bathroom at the other end of the house. I have encourged Dan to use the other bathroom by trying to lure him there by placing his "High Plains Journal" and "Cabela's" catalogues in there. But no, he goes back there, get's them and comes and stinks up the "main" bath! Which has a nice collection of "fairy's", greenery, makeup, curling irons, the cool showerhead...and sadly...a light placed directly above the toilet designed for optimum reading! (there was also a space for the previous owners ashtry and coffee mug!) I'm doomed! Out of respect for our shared bath, no pot pourri!

Dan get's his reading material and says, "I'm going to the library..." I leave the house. It works for us!