Monday, October 06, 2008

Sweet Suite

Angie and I just arrived at the Palazzo Las Vegas..."Palace" is it's English equivalent.

It is aptly named. There are over 3000 suites in the hotel. Our room is spacious, to say the least. Angie can't get over the velour couch that sits in our sitting area and the fact that our suite has three flat screen televisions; one in the sitting area, one in the bedroom area and one in the bathroom - yes, the bathroom.

Angie isn't used to opulence. Frankly, I'm not either...but I have experienced it a bit more often than she has. It's funny how quickly we can get comfortable in it, however. Angie is sitting on the couch with her feet up perusing the menus for dinner. She's not sure if she would rather eat at the Mario Batali steakhouse or the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Some girls just can't make up their mind.

As she relaxes, I am putting the final touches on my presentation. I present at the Service Strategies Services Industry Summit. My topic is, "Vendor Management - Strategies for Managing Your Outsource Relationships". Needless to say, I'm a little bit nervous. Although I've spoken in front of good numbers of people before, and I am typically a pretty good public speaker, I always dread it until I get started. I'll be better tomorrow afternoon, when its over.

Besides, how much better does it get when you can come to Vegas for two days on someone else's dime, get to bring your lovely lady with ya, get two shows (Love and Rita Rudner), and some great drinks and meals - all for one hour's work???

It doesn't get any better than that.


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