Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fare Day

I just finished paying off the small loan from a couple of years ago. What do I do? I take another one out.

My sister Michele is down from NY for two weeks. She wanted to go to the State Fair of Texas. We needed a sitter while we are in Vegas for my speaking engagement. The timing was perfect. The bank account is empty.

The old joke is that you have to take a medium-sized mortgage out to afford the Fair. Although that is an exaggeration, the Fair is a very expensive proposition. In fact, if the attendance and the gluttony on all things fried is any indication, our economy is booming.

It was my second time walking under Big Tex's blank stare and waving hand. It was fun with the kids the first time, but after walking around, buying coupons, eating fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and trying to keep said fried PB&Js from coming back up after riding a ride, I've had enough. But, Michele is watching the kids for us so Cassie, the Yankee, and her brother packed into the pickup and headed for Fair Park.

My sister is a chef and was real intrigued by the aforementioned fried foods, so we sampled the fried bacon (very good), fried chocolate truffle (she loved it, I wasn't impressed), fried s'mores (AWESOME), fried Coke (interesting), fried Olive Bites (ok), and fried Corn Dog (yummy). We passed on some of the others like fried snickers, fried oreos, etc. Next year, I'm looking for the fried fries.

Interestingly enough, we really didn't do too much else. We played some games, walked through the livestock area, we looked at some of the Chevy's (finding my next truck), rode some rides, etc. We didn't stay long enough to take in another of the evening events.

After several hundred tickets, we were done. In fact, we were fried.


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Robin said...

Too funny! ChefMichelle was down! I would've loved to have been there!

I got a "recipe" for deep fried oreo's. It's basically funnel cake dough and drowned oreo slopped in oil! I've bought the ingredients but Dan midnight snacks so by the time I get the inclination...out of oreo's! Sounds disgusting...but for that reason alone, it's probably good!

Haven't been to state fair in awhile...not looking good that I'll do it again! I'm old! Crowds not so much fun anymore!

Neither is regurgitated fried food. Might try some fried fry's though....back to basic...yum!

Cowboys won! Ask your sis how the Yankee teams fared!