Saturday, May 20, 2006

The big "THREE SEVEN" in Cincy

As I get older, I am constantly amazed at how our birthdays are just not big deals. Remember when we were kids and there were two days that we couldn't wait for? Our birthdays and Christmas day. Now, the b-day is just another day. In fact, sometimes our birthday is worse than normal days.

My birthday was Friday, and this is how my day went...

1) Got up at 3:45 AM (that is not a mistake) because I had a 6:40AM flight to Cincinnati.
2) Flew the two hour flight on a small Embralier ERJ-140 jet (has 44 seats).
3) Met with a potential CRM vendor for the day
4) Learned that Cincinnati is famous for three things; ribs, chili, and ice-cream. Had ribs for lunch.
5) Rushed back to the airport for the flight home. Landed at 5:59PM, got home after 7.
6) Answered some well wishes on the phone, picked up Dylan from his ball game and came home.

What should be mentioned is that Angie was sick as a dog with strep. In fact, Angie is so physically strong and has such an incredibly high threshold for pain, that anytime she complains I know it is FOR REAL - so I cannot hold yesterday against her.

7) Fell asleep on the couch watching Resident Evil, which I received for my birthday.


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