Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's always nice getting home

I've been home for a couple of days now, and nothing beats pulling into the driveway after a long trip. It is just so pleasant arriving back home after being away. I upgraded myself using miles for the flight back from Japan (something I rarely do, since I'd rather use the miles to bring everyone somewhere, or family to us). I slept on the flight, so when I arrived home, although tired, I wasn't completely exhausted.

The routine after long trips is that the kids want to see what I brought them. This trip was no different, although I didn't have too much for them since there was limited time to do any shopping. Marissa got a hand carved shell with dolphins on it. Dylan got a hand carved stone ball with different animals on it. Justin got the same thing, but his had Hindu gods on it. Angie got some jade. Cassie got what she asked for, an India outfit (given to her by my host in Chennai), some bindis and bangles. I don't think she's gone a day without wearing the outfit - it looks really cute, and she thinks of herself as some Indian princess.

Since I've been home, we've had some playtime in the neighborhood on Friday night, Dylan's paintball 12th birthday party here(which was amazing fun - up until I got pegged in the neck - OUCH!), our couples small group on Saturday night (it is so nice getting back together with friends), and church this morning. We celebrated Mother's Day at Tin Star (Dylan's birthday choice), and I've been working on the computer ever since.

Back to the grind tomorrow - it's still so nice to be home. By being away once in a while, I really am able to not take everyone for granted so bad.


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