Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm outta here....almost

For the next several hours, I'll either be working, or flying, so I probably won't have another chance to post while in Asia. It has been a long trip, but productive, and I've stayed healthy, so I am thankful. I've visited five of our partner sites, have seen some interesting things, got a ton of work done, and have generally had a good time. I am real tired, that's for sure, but maybe that just means I'll sleep on the long flight home from Japan. Unfortunately, I have a long layover there, prior to the flight.

We'll, there is more work to do, so I'm out of here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Manila to Tokyo: Northwest Airlines Flight 20
Departs: 8:10AM Arrives: 1:20PM
Duration: 4:10 Miles: 1879
Total Duration: 32:31 Total Miles: 14799

Tokyo to Dallas: American Airlines Flight 60
Departs: 6:00PM Arrives: 3:25PM
Duration: 11:25 Miles: 6437
Total Duration: 43:56 Total Miles: 21236



bob said...

Safe travels, we're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Michele said...

Well bro,
Glad all is well and you are on your way home. Safe journey and hope to talk to you soon. I am enjoying reading of your travels among other things - Love you - M

Anonymous said...

Dang (is that how all y'all say "damn" in Texas??), you surely get around!! Use some of the frequent flyer miles to hop on a flight to NY, the gals miss their cuz Cassie!! Let me know how many G.A. tix (woof) I need to buy, this to all people who read Scott's blog and want to go (Paul, do you have a LIFE???)
xo - Jill
PS- for the record, Great Adventure (duh)