Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mumbai is the Bomb(ay)

2:38AM IST

I’m sitting through an agent interview with our consultant team. Boy, is it interesting to hear how the agents and the management view our processes, offering, products, etc. A real eye-opener, and boy do I need one because I am dog tired. I’m working on 6 hours sleep from last night, and it is real early in the morning her. It’s 4:10PM in Dallas, so my body clock is helping me keep going – and so has the ton of coffee I drank.

In case you’re curious, we had pizza for dinner. Cheese pizza, with some spicy chicken. It was ok – but more importantly it was safe.

We’ll, a couple more hours and off to bed. I’m sleeping for 10 hours tonight.

Since I provided it for Delhi, I thought I’d share some interesting sites for Mumbai, as well.

Elephanta Caves
Gateway of India
Queen’s Necklace

By the way, Mumbai used to be called Bombay before India changed many of their city names.


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