Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hurricane Season in New Orleans

This evening, Angie and I returned from our long weekend in New Orleans. Our weekend was categorized by awesome food, good sites, some learning opportunities, many hurricanes, a couple of poor choices, a couple more hurricanes, more good food, lots of laughs, even more hurricanes and a very healthy appreciation for each other.

We had an excellent time, but are happy to be home. Like Las Vegas, it seems to me that there is definitely a finite amount of New Orleans that one can take. Angie and I reached that point today and were happy to be coming home.

I have lots of pictures to post and lots of stories to tell. Because there is so much detail, I will start tomorrow with separate posts, one for each day.

For now, enjoy a picture of St. Louis Cathedral from the French Quarter.

1 comment:

Angie said...

This picture turned out for the wall, I think!

I had a wonderful time with you this long weekend, but I think we can both agree to cross NOLA off the map (of future destinatinos, that is) since we've both been there. Now onto figuring out our adventure for next year...I hear Cape Cod is beautiful! :)