Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's The Little Things

Before you read the post below, click here and read this one. When you are done, click BACK on your browser and come back here. Then, accept my apologies...

Cassie and I decided to spend a couple of hours together tonight. She's been hanging with mom for long durations for the last several days (Angie has a friend in from Mexico with whom she's been spending lots of time). And, since Angie and I leave for our summer weekend vacation tomorrow, I thought it would be good to have her hang with the DaDa.

So, we decided to go to Chick-Fil-A. It's her favorite fast food restaurant and I don't mind.

It's amazing how you can have a real conversation with a six year old. Now, yes, I truly believe she is exceptional, but we can really talk, laugh, whatever. We ate, we did magic (terrible magic, but magic nonetheless - you should see me do the disappearing napkin trick. David Copperfield need not fear).

However, when I grabbed the little table advert and used it as a pair of binoculars, things got very funny. I put them up to my eyes, and panned back and forth. As I did so, I said, "I'm scanning the horizon."

She grabbed the "binoculars" and repeated my motion, but she said, "Hi, VERIZON." I laughed so hard my diet coke came out of my nose. I swear that everyone in the place thought there was something seriously wrong with me. How does she know Verizon? Yes, they provide our triple play services, but she shouldn't really know that stuff.

After explaining to her what the horizon was, I told her I was gonna blog about it. She asked me not to, but obviously, I didn't listen. I'm glad I was listening at dinner, though.

Again, my apologies.



Packsaddle said...

Those kind of memories are the best, Scott.

I can't make a napkin disappear but I can sure make those waffle fries disappear.


ChefMichele said...

Awwww talkin about your kids is sooo cute!! You even talk about my kid...thanks. LOL How else would those of us, so far away, know what " little things " are happening in your corner of the world? Keep them coming!!