Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sin Cities

Justin and I flew in from our weekend in Las Vegas yesterday, and boy are my arms tired.

In fact, EVERYTHING is tired. It may have someone to do with our 8:10AM flight, or it may have something to do with the fact that sleeping, like eating, is a secondary body function and is optional while in Vegas.

I've been to Vegas many times and it strikes me as amazing that it is ALWAYS fun - and the city is always growing. Justin picked LV as his summer weekend trip and that was fine with me; it's been a couple of years since I've been and I was definitely ready for some blackjack.

Justin and I arrived Friday morning, checked into the California and proceeded to the buffet at Main Street Station. After brunch, we headed straight for Freemont Steet to see what was going on. We walked the entire length and then some ending (starting) at the El Cortez. The El Cortez may be the scummiest of casinos downtown, but I think it has a type of charm, like an old guy smoking through his stoma kind of charm...but charm nonetheless. We ended up buying into a poker game for $25 each. I ended up playing for about an hour before losing on a half bluff with a pair of 10's. We then walked back through Freemont, looking for a cheap poker tournament for Justin. We found one at Fitzgerald's and knew where Justin was gonna be the next day. We gambled and lost some more and then headed for our show - Blue Man Group at the Venetian. I had seen the show a couple of years earlier, but I knew that Justin would love it, so I got us tickets. They rocked, and I was right, Justin LOVED it.

The next day, Justin started his poker tourney, and I started my quest. After losing a bit at Fitzgerald's, I headed over to 4 Queens. I've always enjoyed 4 Queens, so I was looking to continue that love. I wasn't disappointed. After winning some at blackjack, I headed to the craps table. I rolled very well, as did some other players and quickly won $100 in about two hours. Justin texted me that he was second in chips with five players left. I was done with the queen, so I walked over to Golden Nugget. I was about to sit down at a table when I got the page, he was done. He ended up getting knocked out and ended up in fifth place...not in the money, but not bad for a tournament in Vegas with sixteen players.

We headed over to Binion's and quickly lost a bunch from a dealer with attitude. Although she took my money, she entertained so the sting didn't seem so harsh.

We headed over to Treasure Island for dinner and for our second show, Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. It was AWESOME, especially the two "clowns" who stole the show. Several times during the acts we looked at each other and agreed we couldn't believe we were seeing people do what they were doing.

After the show, we headed over to the Mirage, as Justin wanted to see what the deal was the the Beatles stuff. We tried to get tickets for that Cirque du Soleil show, "Love", but they were sold out. We headed over the the Beatles themed club, "Revolution", but it was closed for a private party.

We headed over to Freemont Street and watched the light show.

We then headed off to an early bed time, having lost enough money and preparing for getting up at 4:30 for an early flight.

I think Justin had a great time - I know he wants to get back to check out that Beatles show and I had a great time hanging out with him.

Fortunately, I go back in October for a speaking engagement and most likely Angie will come with. We get to stay and the brand spanking new Palazzo and I think we'll take in another Cirque du Soleil show.



Travis Erwin said...

Just got back from Vegas myself. Sounds like you had as much fun as my group did.

Scott Lessard said...

Thanks for stopping by, Travis.

I'll post my response to your site... :)


Travis Erwin said...

Dang right I like to hunt.

Robin said...

Man?! Why does everyone else get to go to Vegas but me?! I'm fun! I point out big breasted women (well, the "adult entertainment convention" was that weekend, some breasts needed their own zip code!) Anyway, I pointed them out to my Pai Gow Dealer if his back was turned...he tipped ME! See? I'm fun!
LOL-glad you had fun. Loved the pic but I'm guessing the "hurricane" angie was hugging was in liquid form in her hand?! LOL...I'm linking your're too funny!