Friday, July 04, 2008

She's So Nosey

I've been traveling a lot and nothing ever beats getting home. I love returning to my home, and more importantly, my family. Hugs and kisses and "DADDY'S HOME!" usually greet me at the door...and sometimes, a surprise or two.

This most recent trip is no exception. I returned from Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon and as I walked in the house, Cassie shrieked. She ran to the door, kissed me and told me she had to show me a surprise.

I put my bags away and walked into the kitchen where the kids and Angie were sitting. Also there were Justin and my mother-in-law as everyone was having lunch. I said hello to everyone, but I didn't see any surprise. I could tell something was wrong, though, as everyone was acting just a little "goofy". Angie, especially, had a weird little smirk on...

Then - BAM! I saw it. I noticed a small diamond sticking out of the side of her nose. She finally gathered the courage to get what she's been talking about. She got her nose pierced. She's been talking about it for months now (since her 40th birthday) and I was supportive of it all the way. (Truth be told, I think they are totally sexy). We'll she got it and the starter diamond is a little big for my taste but it looks very cool on her.

The only mistake I made is that I led with the fact that I thought it was too big...

...not the fact that I think it it makes her look even sexier than she already looked. I've been making up for that fact since.

And, now it means I can go get that tattoo that I've been wanting.


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