Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Road Less Travelled

It's amazing the crap you'll do when your bored. I am waiting in St. Louis International Airport for my next flight so I thought I'd take a look at a couple of other Blogspot pages. There is a ton of crap out there. It pretty much validates my stance that blogging is a total waste of time. (funny enough, I posted that post back in 2006 and it still applies).

I did, however, run across something pretty cool in the morass of garbage...the website. The site basically allows you to create a map marking all of the places that you've traveled to. My map is to the right. With a free account, you can update it as it changes. For example, over the course of the next couple of months, I'll be able to add Alaska and Louisiana. My one rule - I would have had to leave the airport for the country/state to count.

When I look at the map, I am struck by how much I HAVEN'T been to. I always thought I was really well traveled, but looking at the map (and the 10% blurb) makes me think that there is still a ton of places to see.

I guess the next website I visit is, to book some travel.


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