Thursday, June 05, 2008

Red Monster

My Dell XPS 720 Red arrived today...
It is a monster of a computer and right now I couldn't be more pleased. Angie's computer died a couple of weeks ago and it was time to upgrade, so I got a new gaming machine and she gets the more than capable machine I had been using. We'll be replacing some components in her old one and will be making it available to the kids. We are convinced that there the ones who messed hers up anyway.

The amazing thing about the new computer is that it is HUGE!!! The full metallic tower is about a square yard in size and is about 10 inches wide. AND - it's got these cool red LED lights accross the top and along the middle. It is perhaps the coolest looking computer I have ever seen.

And, as I play the Call Of Duty 4's got enough guts to pull it off.


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