Monday, June 23, 2008

Working Weekend

On Friday evening the kids (Dylan and Marissa) arrived home from a week away at church camp in Corpus Christi. After catching up on sleep, the work began.

We started slow, as to not burn ourselves out. Saturday's mission: Put up Dylan's ceiling fan. Dylan has been waiting for me to get up on the ladder and hang it - his room get's pretty warm as it is on a sunny corner. As for me, I've been putting it off for two reasons; 1) Hanging ceiling fans is a real pain (I've done six others in the house) and 2) Dylan has a high vaulted ceiling which means I was going to have to go high on the ladder. I have a serious fear of heights, so I was not looking forward to that.

However, as I took my first couple of steps up, it was no big deal. I seriously recommend that if you do not like going up on a ladder, buy the Little Giant. It is the most stable ladder I've ever been on and has freed me up to go where I wouldn't be able to go on a regular ladder.

Because this was my seventh fan (I'm thinking of starting a business hanging ceiling fans) and Dylan was helping, it went up with little difficulty, even if it took several hours. Mission accomplished for Saturday.

Sunday was a different story. I've been wanted to "reclaim" my garage for a while now. In fact, I've been wanting to get the camper out so we can shake it down and use it a couple of times before summer is over. Mission: Clean out the garage, get the camper out, open it up and clean it, and put everything back in its place.

We started after church. It was hot, but I had everyone helping. Dylan and I basically took everything out from one half of the garage and put it on the driveway. Marissa and a friend of hers helped, too. We shop vaccuumed the floor and started on the other side. I finally went through my remaining books that were stored in the garage (Angie took a ride to Half-Price Books and got $24 for all of the ones I no longer wanted). In the end, the garage is completely clean and mostly clutter free. However, we didn't get the camper out...we ran out of time. Since the garage is clean, we can just pull it out next weekend and give it a good overhaul.

I don't know about the kids, but I am all-over sore today. I feel like I worked out a ton yesterday.

The pain won't last, but neither will the order.


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Packsaddle said...

Congratulations, Scott!

That was a huge accomplishment for a male.

It is tangible evidence that men are indeed capable of doing productive things during non-hunting-season weekends.