Friday, June 13, 2008

Pictures From Beantown

Dylan posing with the Green Monster. The Monster is Fenway Park's version of left field. Dylan wanted seats up on the Monster, but they were upwards of $2500 PER TICKET!!!!
Paul Revere's House from 1700. Paul and his second wife lived here with some of their children. Paul Revere had 16 children, 8 with each of two wives. 11 grew to adulthood.
The Old North Church. It is from the steeple that the lanterns were hung to warn Paul Revere how the British soldiers would be arriving..."Two if by land, one if by sea". The two laterns still hang in the steeple and the rest is history.
The gun deck of the USS Constitution. I cried when I first saw the ship. If you want to know why, read the book "Six Frigates" by Ian Toll. Over 300 men and boys have died serving on this ship. The victories of this ship (33 wins, zero losses in battle) helped shape our nation.
John Hancock's tombstone. Imagine Bill Gates willing to give up both his fortune and his life for liberty...John Hancock was the richest man in the colonies and was an ardent patriot. With amazing men like him, it is no wonder the young nation prospered.
The Old State House. It is from this balcony that the Declaration of Independence was read to the people of Boston. Abigail Adams witnessed and declared that Independence was Born here.
The view of Boston from the harbor as we left on our whale watching cruise. Boston has a beautiful skyline AND is a total walking city. Dylan and I walked basically the entire downtown area.
Humpback mother and calf leaving us after putting on a heck of a show. For 20 minutes the calf breached, jumped, spun, and slapped the water. What a show!

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