Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Gotta Love a Woman...

...who likes to go to Bass Pro.

After church tonight, we decided to run to Bass Pro Shops. I needed to provision for my fishing trip to Alaska in a week, so we thought we'd run to the greatest dude playground on earth, buy some clothes, some rain gear, and just mess around.

Angie likes to go and so does there were no complaints to my idea.

A couple of weird things occurred while we were there, though. First, Angie found that she loves all of the antiques that are used to decorate around the store. I think she could do without the trophies all over the place, but she loves the old trunks, globes, and other junk used to decorate around the camo, fishing and hunting gear. She saw an old gas stove and fell in love with it...

Second, Cassie gets jazzed while we are there. She acted like it was the first time out of the house - ever! She was out of control...jumping on the boats, climbing in the little river, looking at the 5-foot alligator gar in the big fish tank. She just about drove us nuts tonight.

Thirdly, I realized that I needed every hunting aid in the store. Mojo dove decoy....need it! Static poseable dove decoys...must have them! More ammo...yes! Targets, clays, new sights....thank you! I could literally spend $30,000.00 there in an instant.

That takes us to our final point. Angie and I have been dying to get a boat. A sport-fishing boat that I can fish on, that the kids can tube/knee board/ski on, and one in which we can entertain on. That type of boat that can do all three is hard to find - AND NOT CHEAP. We think we found one, and we almost bought it. Can you imagine? I went into Bass Pro to buy a couple of pairs of jeans and rain gear, and I left with a boat.

Actually, we didn't as cooler heads prevailed - this time.

I don't think we'll be as smart the next as we get closer each time.



ChefMichele said...

I too love Bass Pro shops!! Who would have thunk it? Me being a New York woman. As for the boat you like, its great looking. Hopefully you and the girls will get to Bass Pro a couple more times before I come down end of Sept. Would be awesome to take me out on your boat when I am there visiting in 2 months. LOL.

Robin said...

Yeppers! Gotta love her! Danny and I MUST go to Cabela's anytime we are in Austin or Nebraska. We never go to buy anything, but we always do! Not a boat though, too far from water here in the Panhandle! Where do y'all go? Fork? Whitney? Lake Worth? All of the above!?

Scott Lessard said...

Michele - it's because of our strong desire to enjoy a boat with others that we have to get a big one (otherwise, I'd be getting a four person bass boat)

Robin - Lake Ray Hubbard is in walking distance, so that would be home lake. But, Texas has a lot of 'em, so we'd have to try them all. :)


Travis Erwin said...

You're going fishing in Alaska? ... without me?

And just when I thought we were friends.

Scott Lessard said...

Tell you what, Travis...

I'll sneak you in my luggage if you take me to where you caught that bass AND you invite me up to the panhandle for a weekend of shooting at (and missing) doves.



Travis Erwin said...

I'm not sure about my dove hunting possibilities this year, but I can hook you up with some good pheasant hunting come December.

And that bass came from Lake Ray Roberts which is north of Dallas.

The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

Can you try and have this whole boat thing sewn up before T-day? The gals looooooooove boating!