Monday, March 17, 2008

Digital Upgrade

The e-mail begins...

"Congratulations! Your home is about to be upgraded to the power of Verizon FiOS."

Yes, the Lessard household has moved the last holdout of our home to the 21st century. We have succumbed to the allure of the "Triple Play", having one provider for our phone, Internet and cable TV.

Many of you have gone down this route. Even AMA, who isn't the most technical person, has been using digital phone through Time Warner/Comcast (they seem to switch customers every so often, so as far as I'm concerned, they are the same company). In fact, if it wasn't for the crappy customer service that Time Warner displayed, we'd probably still be in the stone ages.

The story is long, and gruesome. If you want the details of our customer service (or, lack thereof) experience, ask Angie. I think she enjoys telling it. As for me, it was enough to finally make the change. We all know that I am a victim of my own inertia, and I don't care of change. Therefore, in order to give the go ahead, I needed a concession. Mine? 15MB downstream on Verizon Fiber Optic service. Since they buried fiber optic cable in the neighborhood a couple of years ago, I dreamed of the blazing fast speeds. The outcome, an Internet experience that will be about 15x (yes, you've read that right - 15 times faster). How cool is that for someone who works out of his home office.

They install on Monday. I'll let you know how fast it is on Tuesday. Oh, and our e-mail addresses will be changing. As soon as I have my new address, I'll let you know.

I'll be online a lot!


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