Sunday, March 23, 2008

Making a (Back)Splash

One of the way Angie responds is that she appreciates service. This means that she very much likes when I put myself out for her. Whether I take the kids to school one morning so she doesn't have to, or I do something else for her, this is how she connects with me - or more properly, this is how I connect with her. I know this about her, but unfortunately, my laziness keeps me from always acting on it.

This weekend I had the opportunity to act on it. The painter finished up this week, and frankly, the house looks AWESOME. The green in the front room, living room and kitchen are great. The texture and staining treatment in the kitchen is phenomenal. Our bedroom looks really fine. Now that it is all done (minus the game room), things are going back to their places (new or old).

However, Angie has a plan in mind for many of the rooms. Our bedroom is getting redone with a new arrangement, new colors, and curtains. The living room as been rearranged. The kitchen was to get a backsplash. Angie bought some of the materials to show me what she wanted. I ferried back and forth to Lowes to get the remainder of the project materials. I'm not handy in that I don't know HOW to do many of these things, but I am willing to try - and I often have the patience to see them through. The first major project I did was the flower beds and retaining wall. This was the second.

As each subsequent panel went up, we became more and more about the work. Clearly, she had chosen very well and it was going to work out if I maintained my patience. I did and it went well and came out better than either of us expected. It really does look good, even if it took about twice as long as I had expected (about 8 hours).

Angie is real pleased with the kitchen, and I am real pleased with our connection through my service.


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Bob said...

awesome! You deserve a tool belt!