Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How To Make Your Lady Happy

Don't fear - this is strictly a G-rated post!!! That being said, I'm a hero. At least in Angie's eyes and at least for the short term. Why? Because I'm stoned.

I know that the above makes no sense, so let me explain. We have painters here today. They are painting like crazy. What started as the finishing of my office has turned into the painting of the rest of the house. I can't do the stair wells or the front room (because of my severe fear of heights), so we needed a painter to come in and do it. While he was here, Angie inquired about some special texture work. Not a problem. Oh, and the stairs going up to second floor. Ok, done. And while you are up there, can you do the game room? Sure, anything you want. In that case, go ahead and do Dylan's room since he's got a high ceiling.

Whew...I'm tired thinking about all the work that I'm not doing. And, my head is spinning from the fumes.

I don't mind painting, I just can't get everywhere I need to be to do it. The painters gave my work in the office a thumbs up. Where I taped off for the ceiling, they free handed. Theirs is nicer, but mine's fine, and way cheaper, too. That being said, I can't do the neat texture/tea staining that she's doing in the shadowboxes in the front room and in the kitchen. She is so excited about that...and that's why I'm a hero.

I hope she keeps that view of me...but there's going to be nothing left to paint.


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