Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Little Kid In Me

One of my most favorite movies is Apollo 13, the story of Lim Lovell and his ill-fated mission to the moon. I don't know why I love that movie so much, but it probably is due to a combination of the space exploration, technology, and human perserverence. The era is very compelling to me, as well, as it must have been such an incredible thing to see our country conquer space and land on the moon.

One of the scenes in the movie strikes me as very telling. It is the scene where the crew is broadcasting from space, and the families are watching but none of the television networks are broadcasting. Clearly, Apollo 13 didn't become noteworthy until the ship was in trouble and the crew in danger. Isn't it a little like that today. Space exploration has become so routine that we don't even notice when a new ship is launched or lands. I remember the day when I would feign illness so I could stay home and watch a shuttle launch. I remember being in shock as I watched the Challenger explode after takeoff. Now, I don't even know when it's happening. That's sad.

That being said, I was getting ready for work today and had CNN on...we were launching a shuttle at 2:38am EST this morning. It just happened to be 2:32am EST when I found it (I am in Amsterdam, so it is 7:32am CET). One of the cool things NASA has is NASA TV, so I logged on real quick to watch the launch. They have uninterrupted audio between Mission Control and the crew, so I prefer that to TV.

Isn't technology awesome, where we can put men and women in space AND watch it over the Internet. Too bad we are so used to it, we take it for granted.

I'd rather feel like an awestuck kid again.

(NB: I saw Jim Lovell and Gene Krantz speak at a company event several years ago. They spoke about the mission, and the incredible teamwork that occured, and how it was necessary to overcome the damage to the ship. It was very motivating).



Anonymous said...

Another post, and no mention of the Littlest Lessard? I can only assume you have given up. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Now I can start my journey to 240 without worrying about who's winning or percentages. Sayonara, Scottie.
Love, Marc.

Scott Lessard said...

Get a clue, my portly brother.

If you want more Littlest Updates, start your own blog. Besides, today is the day for the update. As soon as you send me your results, I'll post.

Anonymous said...

No, you tub of lard. Last Wednesday was the day for the post. You conveniently skipped a whole week. I lost 5 lbs. and Michele lost 0.5 lbs, and no post ever made it to the blog. And if you don't think it's over, maybe your guesstimates of +4.0 lbs. and +12.0 lbs. were so much smoke and mirrors so we might rest on our laurels thinking you were far out of it. Either way, prepare for the end. I am winning this next week or the week after at the latest. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Scott Lessard said...

Food depravation has made you insane...correction, insaner.

Just a reality check...you are still fat. You can't diet that face away. You have no sense and you smell funny. Just so you know.



Anonymous said...

Just admit your mistake and move on. You can be so nasty, even when you are clearly wrong. I may not even collect on this whole thing when I win, because breaking bread with someone who has no respect for me doesn't sound very appetizing at all. I can't wait to send the email that I am at or below 321.0 lbs. and just be done with this whole thing. But to end it, I will have to win, because I won't quit, even though you thought I would at some point. It's really eating at you that you were wrong about me, and I have stuck with it better than you have, isn't it? Explains your petty little insults. I'll send you the numbers as I close this out. Marc.

Angie said...

I think the both of you need to grow up and kiss and make up! How old are you again?? How about some love for each other?

Scott Lessard said...

OK - you are right, Ang. Thanks for getting me in line.

Marc - I love you. Fatty!