Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Littlest Lessard - Week 12 Update

You know that scene in Rocky 4, where Rocky is in Apollo's corner and he's about to throw in the towel, but doesn't. That's me! With Marc only having 9.0 lbs to lose, and my needed 40.0 lbs, I think that the results are in the bag. Particularly since I can't seem to get dieting. I might have 5 ounces to go, but unless I find some discipline and quick, it won't much matter.

Marc had an another OUTSTANDING week losing 6.2 (1.8%). He claims that his Weight Watchers leader suggested staying out of the gym for the week to mix it up a little. He did, and it worked. Nice job! I'm still waiting for him to screw up one week, but he doesn't. There's always this week.

Michele turned in a very RESPECTABLE week losing 3.5 (1.6%). She claims steady success in using the treadmill in the morning as her secret. If she gets motivated to start her day right, she has a good day. If not, she doesn't. Here's to hoping she sleeps in a lot. There's always this week.
My slide continues, and had another LOUSY week. I gained another 2.0 (-0.7%). My claim for success, chocolate chip cookies. I can't stay away and Angie (and Cassie) can't stop making them. At least I worked out a bunch. I'm just looking to end strong. There's always this week.

I hope I don't end up holding that towel too long like Rocky did...if memory serves, Apollo dies! And I won't have any more weeks.
Stay tuned for next week's results. Marc says he's gonna close it out!


Anonymous said...

Well, I may not close it out, because I had some sausage pizza at my favorite pizza place, and though I didn't go over my points for the day, I ended the day tired and hungry. Not good. It is as close to screwing up as I have come since we started this whole thing. We shall see what the numbers have in store for all of us, and if another week will be needed. My guess at this point is, yes, we will be going into April. Hey, I tried!

Michele said...

Doubtful this week will be a good one for ya Marc....Just to let everyone know, Scott and I are sending Marc a spring gift. I bake Easter bread every year, as did our mother before us. It is absolutely fabulous and I made 6 loaves this year specifically to deliver one to Marc. Scott thought it was a great idea ( since he hadnt had a bad week as yet ) and I agreed. Then I thought about it and felt guilty that I wanted to tempt Marc with something I knew he wouldnt resist....Until he told me I was a WUSS and wouldnt do it. Basically he dared me to come by with it...So as I sign off now to leave for Queens I have packed up a whole loaf of the bread just for Marc... To LessLard Lessard, With Love Scott and Michele..xoxox

Scott Lessard said...

That was right up until Angie and I had a date night on Friday and tried Fritzl's, a German bar and grill that is right near the house. It's amazing, we've lived in Rowlett for over 5 years, but have never tried the restaurant. We asked neighbors that happen to be both German and ex-restauranteurs, and they whole-heartedly recommended it - so we went.

I had Weiner Schnitzel and Kielbasa, sauerkraut, potatoes and an awesome Oktoberfest Amber. Topping the meal off with a cherry cheese strudel put me over the edge.

Danke schön!