Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine of Nothing?

I am a very lucky guy. There are so many things to love about my wife Angie that I could fill a daily blog about them. However, this Valentine's Day, I'll talk about one of the things - the fact that Valentine's Day isn't a big deal to her.

Does she need flowers today? No.

Does she need a present today? No.

Is the day a loss if nothing sparkly comes her way? Nope.

Admittedly, she likes those things, but they aren't important to her and she isn't disappointed if she doesn't get them.

She would much rather have a pleasant day where he kids and husband to something nice for her and get along than have selfishness and a new necklace or bouquet of flowers.

Her love language is all about service.

I love that about her. I love the fact that she doesn't have a materialistic bone in her body. I love the fact that she'd rather spend a nice day with her family than get presents. I love the fact that I know these things about her and meet those needs.

She got a card this morning and that made her feel good. However, she'll feel much better about the fact that I finally spent some time getting her cross wall up. And, she already feels great about the fact we told the kids we were gonna get them a Wii because our tax preparer gave us good news. And, when momma is happy we are all happy.

I gotta go - I got some service to do.


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