Saturday, February 21, 2009

You're a Dick, Ted

I apologize for the crass phrase, but that's how it sounds. It's pretty much become a joke between Angie and I. She says it, then I complain that my name isn't Ted.

What's she is really saying is: "You're addicted". The object of my supposed addiction is Facebook.

I am neither addicted to Facebook nor I am that other word (mostly). However, in the three days that I been connecting, it has been a very interesting experience.

I've garnered 43 friends without trying. I think Angie sent out a notice that I joined, so I got a lot of invites from that. Also, it would seem that my entire extended family from NY is on, so many of my friends are actually blood relatives.

I've chatted or communicated with four family members that I haven't seen in at least 15 years. That has been awesome. I can't believe how much every has grown. Some of us even got old.

A "technologically challenged" aunt joined and a "manly" cousin joined. She's lost and he's convinced that the only fun to be had it to make fun of family. I can understand her issue (I'm still a little lost on how to do things) and it's been fun abusing family (AND BEING MADE FUN OF).

I've joined an old neighborhood group and have found many long lost friends and acquaintances from the 'hood. My sister and others have been posting old pictures from the first days of school to school closings to parties. Neighborhoods were different those days. We played from sun-up to sun-down. We never checked in and our parents never worried. They knew that most of the other parents in the neighborhood were watching out for us, too. Everyone knew each other and there were always ample friends of similar ages to play with. Heck, the day started "calling for someone" and ended at dark. Now, Cassie doesn't walk two houses up the block without an escort.

When I get a chance, I will start putting an effort into reconnecting with more old friends and family. I'll also start reinforcing newer relationships.

It's funny. One of the guys from the neighborhood commented on how he's come to realize that relationships get to the heart of what's important. I'm coming to understand how correct he is. It's typically not what I've been good at, nor has it been something that I've focused on, but I see that changing. Doesn't the bible command us (as the most important commandments) to love God above all else, and others as ourselves?

I still don't get a lot of the stuff going on and I have no clue how to "tag" someone in a photo...but maybe I'm less addicted and more interested in using Facebook as a tool to live out the second part of that commandment.



Travis Erwin said...

I'll look you up the next time I log in to FB.

ChefMichele said...

I think you are having alot of fun out there! Glad you joined. I have alot more pics to post.

Anonymous said...

as your challenged aunt, I will say I'm getting better at it, the communication part, but have no clue how to post, or toast or any other frills