Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Entertaining Weekend

No, the weekend wasn't super entertaining. Actually, it was...but that's not what I meant.

What I mean is that Angie and I entertained this weekend and it was awesome. In fact, late last night while we were cleaning up, she said to me, "We've entertained more this weekend than in the past several months combined."

I love hosting in my home. It's one of the reasons why I feel like we have a larger home - so we can have people over comfortably. We've done some big ones in the past. We had 40 plus for a July 4th party. We've done New Years. We've done holiday get togethers, etc.

This weekend started with Cassie's birthday (see previous post).

On Saturday, all we had to do is straighten up from the party and we were ready for our couple group. We belong to a group of like minded Christian couples where we ditch the kids for a couple of hours every other Saturday night for some food and fellowship. Typically we do a bible study as part of the meeting. This turn was at our house. Angie prepared a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. She made a very nice salad and a refreshing dessert. We sat around the table and ate and joked and talked. It was so much fun that we never moved to the living room to watch the video for our study. We just continued laughing and eating that we never did do the study. It was the best group session we've ever had.

Sunday continued the entertaining. Since church cancelled the annual Superbowl party, Angie and I decided to have one at the house. What the heck, the house was already cleaned, right? All we did was do some more vacuuming and we were good to go. We had a couple of friends and their kids over. We never saw that kids as they played outside and upstairs. Us adults, we watched a great game and enjoyed the commercials. The Doritos one with the snow globe was really funny and the commercial was good, too, but the one that elicited the biggest reaction (especially from the guys) was - no - not godaddy, but the G.I Joe movie commercial.

Since the game went to the wire, the kids stayed up late - but everyone had a great time consumer good food and enjoying each other's company.

Angie and I cleaned up, unwound and went to bed exhausted - but very content.

She even said she appreciated all the help that I had given her all weekend...the best compliment of all.


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Robin said...

Oh get good husband points! Yea you!

We generally have all the guests, we love to cook and entertain (we have the kegirator and smoker after all)

But this year a couple friend of ours had a new house so they was great!

But we all have to giggle. My SE and I are 39 and 40 respectively, he has a 14 years old son who lives in KS. A lot of our friends have small children, last year we were completely unprepared for all the kids...(I hung out and played handball in the garage with a tennis ball with them!)

This year they were at a "kid friendly" house? And they did great.

Except of course, for that one copule who gave birth to satan's twins...yeah, they tore up their house too.

Does everyone have that one couple who's kid's are completely uncontrollable?

Anyhooo, great wasn't my house and I didnt' have to guard the perimeter!