Saturday, January 31, 2009

My British Accent Stinks

subtitled, "You're Going to Hollywood!"

Cassie had her 7th birthday party tonight. For the first time since her third birthday, she decided not to have her birthday party at the Little Gym. I guess it was only a matter of time. It seems that when she had her second party in a row there, she became a bit of a celebrity. When she had her third in a row, she was given the key to the restoom.

She told us that she didn't want her party there this year. Instead, she informed us that she'd like a friend American Idol party at the house.

Her idea was to perform on stage with mom and I acting as the judges. Everyone would get the friendly Simon and the coherent Paula routine, and everyone would get to go to Hollywood. It sounded like a fun idea, it fit within our finances and Angie was willing to do much of the planning - so we said yes.

Cassie invited friends from school and a friend from the neighborhood. In all, seven children attended. Add Cassie, and we had eight kids running around and screaching all over the house.

As they arrived, they were given contestent numbers and practiced their singing with some Kareoke. Then, each child picked a song and performed it on the stage we set up. Dylan decided to be Randy "Dog" and we all gave the kids positive reviews. Each time we did, the screamed in that way that only first grade girls can.

I took pictures of the kids as they performed and we printed them out as part of their loot bags. Angie made English Muffin Pizzas and had several games ready for the kids. The ate jello and searched for bananas in whipped cream - all with no hands. That was funny as faces got real messy. The kids did presents and cake.

They finished with more singing on the stage.

It was a great time. Angie did a fabulous job keeping the kids busy for three hours and the all had a ball.

I'm just glad they are gone even though I can still hear the screaming.


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