Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UnAmerican Idolatry

No sooner than I started typing this, Cassie and Marissa started fighting.

Prior to the pugilism within our household, we were having a family moment as we are all sitting on the couch watching the premier of season 8 of American Idol. We just watched the gollum lookalike butcher a song of the new judge. Then came up the walrus boy.

The kids love this show. If I want to connect with them, I need to watch it too. It gives us common ground with which to talk. I couldn't care less about this show, the contestents, or the results - but Dylan, Marissa, Cassie, and even Angie do. Therefore, so do I.

I can't remember the last time where everyone was interested in doing something together. Perhaps when we played "Scene It - Movie Edition" with the yankees in town.

It's kind of nice, but very hard to accomplish. Things that the younger girls like typically don't interest Dylan. Things he likes may not be interesting to the girls. We are in constant search of other activities that fall under the "everyone likes" category.

Got any suggestions?



ChefMichele said...

I dont think you really need any suggestions. It seems to me that your compromising and enjoying being together with your family who were enjoying the show they like is really your answer. Thats what its all about isnt it? Trying new things that those you love enjoy, even if you arent really interested? You can never know you like something until you try it, and even then, seeing someone you love enjoy something makes it all worth it. Youre doing a great job!!

The Jon-Paul Lessards! said...

Nope. Good luck with all of "that".